What is drbblr?

drbblr is an app for mums (and soon mothers-to-be) to meet other mums. It was designed by a mum for mums to take out the stress of meeting mums!

drbblr puts you instantly in touch with nearby mothers who have babies and/or children same age as yours and who share your same language, nationality and/or interests (being that a hobby, exercise, drinking coffee, etc…). You decide whether to meet face-to-face.

“It’s just like a dating app for mums (to meet other mums)”

With drbblr you can also keep in touch via chat and even organise a play date (with or without the kids).

drbblr is FREE to join & download and all mums and mums-to-be are welcome!

How do I start meeting mums?

Download (FREE) the app here and fill in your profile. It only takes 2 mins to get started.

Your first stop will be MEET.

MEET will show you a list of mums, the nearest mums appear first.

drbblr has been designed to make it easy for you to find and connect with other nearby mums who are just like you.

Nearby? drbblr shows you the mums who are closer to you because we know that the prospect of a long journey can be put you off meeting someone. By staying local, it's easier meet face-to-face (if you feel like it, of course!)

Just like you? drbblr matches you up with mothers who have:

  • Same age children - so you are going through the same and your children can be friends too!
  • Same interests - so you have more in common and a higher chance to enjoy doing the same things together: being that a hobby, exercise or simply getting together for a walk in the park or drinking a cuppa, etc..
  • Same language and/or nationality- so you can feel a bit closer to "home" even when you are away from home. And your children can have friends in your language!

Situations when can drbblr be helpful:

  • First baby? It’s all new and very exciting but a bit daunting too! drbblr helps you meet other new mums and mums-to-be so you can compare notes and share tips and experiences.
  • New in town? If you move to a different neighbourhood, are away on holiday or even if you have re-locate abroad, drbblr makes it easy to meet mums who are nearby no matter where you are.
  • Feeling sociable? Is it one of those days when everyone you know is out of town or busy or you simply want to meet new people? Drbblr is a friendly environment to meet other mums and takes out the stress of chatting up other mums in the playground.
  • Second or third child? And you just didn't have the time to do all those ante-natal courses and you find yourself on maternity leave but without the support group that kept you sane the first time.
  • New friends? When you’ve just met another mum, drbblr takes away the awkwardness of swapping details. There is no need to ask for their number as you can connect on drbblr (also you won't be giving away your phone/email to a stranger!).

Once you have met mums, you can CHAT with them

  • Always in touch – instant messaging helps you stay in touch with your mum friends (because you can’t always see them as much as you’d like to)
  • Build your tribe– you can create groups of friends (perhaps according to where you met, or their language) and share what you are up and do things together.
  • Be spontaneous – planning ahead with a small child can be challenging so drbblr allows flexibility and understand last minute. So if find yourself with an unexpected bit of spare time, with drbblr you can see who is around you and catch up with a mum friend who is nearby at the very last minute.
  • Let your all friends know how you feel – drbblr also has a status line where you can update people without having to message them personally.


And PLAY will help you to:

  • Set up playdates with or without the kids – drbblr is all about fun, meeting up, sharing moments together so you will be able to create events and invite your friends to come along. And of course, you’ll also receive invites join get-togethers set up by other mums.
  • Never forget or miss an event – drbblr will put events straight to your calendar so you never miss out.



You decide who sees what information - please use the SETTINGS options.

You can block people and report abuse of other users.

Please have a read of our Community Guidelines and Safety Tips.