About Us

The idea of drbblr - a mobile app for mums - was inspired by my experience as a first time mum in London. If there is one thing I’ve learnt is that a mum needs friends, and ideally friends who live nearby so meeting up is easy.

Having children, though wonderful, can be challenging at times and for me sharing it with other mothers going through the same was (and still is) invaluable.  My mum-friends have been a huge source of company, advice, support and laughter. Some have become close friends.

But finding other mums is not always easy. I had my daughter abroad and when we came back to London I found that I didn't know any mums with a baby same age as my baby daughter and felt that all the 'mum-groups' were already made. Call me old fashioned but for me the online chats, though helpful, were not enough! I wanted to meet for a coffee, share tips, ask how others dealt with sleepless nights, where to find cheap baby stuff, the classes, the childcare... And as children get older, the challenges are different but there is always something you can share with another mum ‘who’s been there’. For me nothing can replace talking to another mum face-to-face.

Since I found it hard to meet other mums I could connect with and meet easily, I thought, what would have made my life easier? And that's how drbblr came about. 

So I hope drbblr will help you find some great mum-friends just a few yards away!